Spokane murder suspect: 'The dog didn't mean to do it'

William Bost Jan 8 court appearance

The man accused of murdering a woman over the weekend told a Spokane County deputy "the dog didn't mean to do it," according to documents released on Monday. 

The deputy was conducting a traffic stop early Saturday morning when his patrol car was hit by another car driven by 59-William W. Bost. The deputy contacted Bost, who was wearing only his underwear, and heard Bost say, "She's dead... Isabelle didn't mean to do it... the dog didn't mean to do it."

Court documents state the deputy noticed Bost was disoriented and said "my wife was dead." While speaking with Bost, the deputy answered an incoming call on Bost's cell phone. The person on the other end told the deputy they had received a call from Bost earlier in the night and Bost told them his wife was dead and "it wasn't the dog's fault." 

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The same caller said "Isabelle" was the name of Bost's dog. 

Deputies then responded to Bost's house and found a woman lying face down on the kitchen floor with a large pool of blood underneath her, and a butcher knife on her back. The victim had at least five stab wounds on her back area. 

Forensic specialists noted there was blood in various locations throughout the house. 

Bost was taken to the hospital for treatment, read his constitutional rights, but refused to waive them. He was placed under arrest for 2nd Degree Murder and made his first court appearance on Monday. 

Bost kept his head down during his appearance and his bond was set at $250,000. 

(story: KHQ.com; photo: Katie Chen, KHQ Local News Reporter)

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