Neighbors recall warning signs before domestic violence murder


SPOKANE, Wash. -Police have said the weekend murder in West Spokane was the result of domestic violence. Officials have said roughly 75 percent of all murders in Spokane County are the result of domestic violence.

SPD arrested 59-year-old William Bost. He's facing a charge of second degree murder domestic violence. The victim has not yet been identified. Neighbors of Bost said there were warning signs.

"I look back and think, I sensed something was not right," said neighbor Kathy Morris. "Why didn't I go back and try to be a friend?"

The body of Bost's alleged victim was discovered early Saturday. The investigation began after a man approached a deputy as he conducted an unrelated traffic stop late Friday in Spokane Valley. The conversation lead detectives to believe a homicide may have occurred. Findings inside a home, several miles away from the traffic stop, confirmed it.

"I'm really angry with William," Morris said. "This all hits home because I have a past of domestic violence."

Morris has lived across the street from Bost and the woman he lived with for more than a year. It's unknown if the woman and Bost were married. Other neighbors said they had heard fighting in the past, but not the night of the homicide.

Morris said she's hopeful this tragedy will motivate other victim's of domestic violence to leave and get the resources they need.

"Get out," she said. "Get out as fast as you can. It's your life."

Click here for resources for anyone caught up in an abusive relationship.

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