Mustache thieves caught in the act


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -On Friday morning and Rebecca Bolster was about to head out and get the day started. Until her oldest daughter noticed something was missing from the front door, "She was like mommy someone took our snowman. and I was like no none did I was just outside,"  said Rebecca.

Rebecca went outside to look for herself, and to her surprise, the snowman wasn't there. But not to fear, Frosty didn't get that far, "I didn't even connect the dots, but I saw just past our driveway there were a couple of people trying to push their truck out of the ice because they were stuck. And I was like do you guys need help, and they were like no no we are fine," Rebecca added

Her husband went searching. He found frosty in the bed of the stuck truck. That wasn't all he saw. The thieves had taken other Christmas decorations from neighbors nearby. Rebecca then snapped photos of the two woman and their not so stealthy disguises… fake mustaches. Tonight she has some advice for those who see shady things happening in their neighborhood "Always if you're able to take picture or video or something it helps because the police were able to identify them  off the pictures we had taken."

If you do witness a crime make sure you get important details like license plate numbers and descriptions of the suspects then either call crime check or 9-1-1 depending on the severity of the situation. 

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