Best Ways to Shovel Away Ice from Driveways, Sidewalks


SPOKANE, Wash. -Even with the warmer weather, there is still ice on side roads and some sidewalks making for some slippery areas. So what can you do to remove it if it’s on your property?

With the warmer temperatures, it's likely you can just shovel it away, but if it's still too difficult, Jonathan Evans, general manager at the General Store, says the traditional de-icer in bags or the liquids are the best thing to use. He says the most common reason why it wouldn’t work is if you don’t remove it after it breaks down the ice.

“If not, you’re just going to have liquid sitting on the ice below it and then it’s just going to refreeze,” he says.

Another tool people use is something called an “ice scraper” which is like a shovel that breaks up ice. But like deicer, you must remove the pieces immediately otherwise it’ll just refreeze back to the ground.

As winter continues, a good reminder is to take care of yourself when you shovel. Make sure you take breaks, are properly dressed, and hydrated while you’re outside. 

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