Spokane County Road Becomes Nuisance for Neighbors


CHENEY, Wash. -A Cheney veteran says she's done everything possible to fix a problem on her street with Spokane County but so far, no one has helped her.

She lives near the Fairways Golf Course off Raspberry Avenue. This winter has been a battle with water pooling up and having nowhere to go on her street.

Terry Horne has a sump pump, used to help keep the area in her home dry and to prevent it from flooding but there's a serious problem.

The drain that isn't located anywhere near Horne's home is about 608 feet away, so all the water that pumps out of her property, pools up and sits there.

As we walked to the drain, Horne showed us around her street. "Most of this water and ice and slush isn't from snowfall. We haven't had that bad of a winter. This is from the sump pump expulsion points," she said.

The water from each home, dumps out on the street. "These sump pumps are spewing out watered down animal excrement, bird excrement, pesticides, fertilizers. God only knows what else other people maybe illicitly dumping into their backyards. This is all being spewed onto a county maintained road," said Horne.

Finally, we make it to Horne's drain but they were completely covered with compact snow and ice. "They berm it out. That drain is somewhere under there," she said.

According to a map provided to us from Spokane County, we found that Horne lives in a high risk drainage area.

On our walk back to Horne's home, we ran into a neighbor dealing with the same issue.

Horne has tried contacting multiple people from the county to fix this problem. "I want a drain. All we need is this to be all dug up (and) a pipe to place in, of course having it pitched properly, making sure it goes downhill," she said.

Horne wants a solution now.

We've contacted Spokane County about the problem. A spokeswoman says they are aware of it and she's tracking down answers. They should have an answer on Friday for us on what's going on and what needs to happen.

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