Thieves steal $15,000 in tools from Spokane home

Thieves steal $15,000 in tools from Spokane home(CLICK HERE for video)

Jamie Lake and her family are building their brand new home in the Wandermere area, and although it's a new year, they're dealing with the same problem.

The Lake's put up cameras a little over a month ago after the home was burglarized the first time.

"We were hoping that it would never happen, but if it did we would have footage and hopefully catch the person," Lake said.

Well, the cameras did their job, capturing pictures of thieves in the act. You can see them casing the home on New Year's Eve, then coming back a day later early in the morning.

"It was just a push and they entered and when they exited, they just left it wide open... They had access to it all."

Those thieves got away with some lights and a few space heaters, along with tools, and it wasn't just a small amount. Lake estimates what was taken was worth about $15,000.

In all, it took a few minutes and they were gone.

The Lake family reported the theft to the sheriff's office and posted pictures online hoping someone would recognize the men or their truck.

"It feels really invasive that somebody can come in and take something that you worked hard for," Lake said. 

Right now, Lake says he main concern is for her sub-contractor who lost so much.

"I just really hope the young man whose tools were taken, if nothing else, we can get those back so he can support his family."

If you know anything about what happened, you're asked to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233

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