Video helped identify accused South Hill murderer

Video helped identify accused South Hill murdererAccording to court documents, the 23-year-old woman accused of murdering the owner of a South Hill apartment complex, and seriously injuring the manager, may have targeted the two because of problems her father was having.

Spokane Police arrested Anne M. Carpenter after following a series of tips following the release of a composite sketch of what the suspect looked like.

One of the tips came from an employee at The Spokesman-Review, who said the woman looked a little like his co-worker, who worked as a part-time packaging assistant at the newspaper's production facility. Police, following up on that tip, requested and got surveillance video from the Spokesman-Review that shows Carpenter wearing a coat that closely matches one found near the crime scene.

The surveillance video shows her as she clocked off work Tuesday, December 19, at 3:30am. Kane and Troy were shot about 11 hours later and court documents show that Kane's son described the suspect was wearing pajama bottoms that also closely matched the ones Carpenter was wearing in the surveillance video.

Carpenter appeared before a judge on Tuesday, and was officially charged with First Degree Murder and First Degree Attempted Murder.

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