Spokane drivers praise City for snow response plan


SPOKANE, Wash. -As Spokane embraces for its second snowstorm of the winter, drivers KHQ spoke with are giving the City’s snow response plan two thumbs up.

“So far, especially in our neighborhood, I think they've been doing a good job,” said Lynne Lacey, who lives in North Spokane. “In previous years we'd have to dig ourselves out because plows would come by and plow us in, but this year there's been no issue which has been nice.”

“Certainly the last storm they were very timely,” said Morag Stewart, who lives in Browne’s Addition. “I was surprised to see them as soon as I did.”

In recent years, the City has been criticized for its snow response plan and ability to clear the streets. But so far this winter, the general consensus is pretty clear.

“I'd tell them they're doing a great job,” said Bill Brown, who lives on the Lower South Hill.

The City is gearing up for their biggest test this winter, as heavy snowfall is expected over the next 24 hours. 

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