Renter dispute possible motive for South Hill shooting

Anne Carpenter and her lawyer

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A dispute between an alleged shooter's father and the manager of the apartment complex he lives in could have been the motive for a shooting rampage in Spokane last Tuesday, according to court documents.

Twenty-three-year-old Anne Carpenter is facing First-Degree Murder and Attempted First-Degree Murder charges for her alleged involvement at the Westview Manor apartment shooting on the Lower South Hill Dec. 19th.

The shooting left the apartment owner, 59-year-old Danette Kane dead, and critically injured the manager, 64-year-old Michael Troy.

According to court documents, Carpenter’s father and Troy were having issues and Troy was considering evicting him.

On Dec. 19th, Carpenter showed up at the Westview Manor apartments and confronted both Kane and Troy multiple times before she allegedly pulled the trigger, according to court documents.

Court records indicate that Carpenter was told to leave.

When she returned, court documents say Kane heard three gunshots. When she left her apartment to see what was going on, court documents say she was shot three times.

A search ensued but police were unable to locate Carpenter. According to court records, detectives found a jacket left near the crime scene, which was later identified through surveillance video as a jacket worn by Carpenter.

On Dec. 20th, a sketch of Carpenter was released to the public. Over the course of the next couple of days, Spokane Police received several tips indicating that the person in the sketch was Carpenter, including an employee at the Spokesman-Review, who recognized her as a coworker.

Carpenter was contacted by a police officer in downtown Spokane on Dec. 22nd following a tip from a taxi driver who recognized her. According to court documents, Carpenter refused to be questioned by the officer and was subsequently released.

She was arrested later that day at a motel in Spokane.

If convicted, Carpenter faces two life sentences.  

(story: Joe McHale, KHQ Local News Reporter,; photo and video:

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