South Hill dead deer head causes health, traffic hazard


SPOKANE, Wash. -According to a South Hill woman, a dead deer head showed up mysteriously in her neighborhood and it's become a health and traffic hazard.

It's a foul sight to see for any car that drives by. "I have no idea where the rest of the body is," said Sharon Miller. It's is even more awful to look at for Miller because it's sitting out in the middle of the road right by her driveway. It's the first thing she thinks about and sees when she wakes up in the morning.

She's been making calls to the city and anyone she can think of since Tuesday to try and get it removed.

"It's a health hazard. It's a traffic hazard and there are children who walk back and forth, " said Miller.

While we were there, we counted at least three cars that dodged it. "People keep telling me, we're on it, we're going to come out and I still haven't seen anybody," said Miller.

Nothing happened with the deer head until one neighbor came out to talk to us about what we were doing. He left while we continued shooting our story. He came back with a shovel and bag in hand, solving the problem once and for all by removing it. As for Miller, she's grateful it's been taken care of.

The city says they would never suggest someone to go ahead and remove a dead animal themselves because there's a safer and healthier way to do it. The city has people that specifically does that. A city spokesman says they were actually out on Thursday to try and remove the deer head but couldn't find it.

The city says Miller did the right thing by reporting it to them. They say they have a contractor that specifically removes large dead animals. Last year, they had 60 dead deer that were hit. There's always an uptick during winter months and they respond to the valley, so a city spokesman says to please be patient this winter as it does get busy.

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