Bus slide-off prompts change at Central Valley School District


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -Across the area Friday, we saw over 100 weather-related crashes. One of them, a slide off involving a Central Valley school bus and the school district says they are changing the way they notify parents.

One of the parents involved says their kids didn't come home Friday night until 5:45 P.M.Frantically, she says she called the school and the district to ask what's going on.The school district says on Friday they only sent out text alerts notifying parents about the slide off.

Now they are going to make sure all their bases are covered by sending out texts, phone calls and emails to parents in the event that were to ever happen again.

"Because we used that text feature we did miss some parents that didn't have their phone number in there as a mobile phone and so we will make sure in the future we are doing multiple ways to communicate out there and then also encourage those parents to let the schools know that that is a mobile phone number so that they can receive those texts in addition to phone calls as well," 

Marla Nunberg, the Central Valley School District Communications Director said.Nunberg says in this past year, the district has sent out over 30,000 texts and calls using their notification system.

She added that a good place for parents to look is the districts website as well as their social media accounts.

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