25-day-old boy taken to hospital with brain injury; Dad arreste


SPOKANE, Wash. -A 29-year-old man is facing a felony assault charge after admitting to Spokane County Sheriff's deputies that he struck his 25-day-old son in the head hard enough to potentially cause brain damage, according to court documents. 

Jase Burnett told detectives he hit his son twice in the forehead on Saturday. The boy is being treated at Sacred Heart for subdural hematomas and a possible brain injury. 

According to court documents, the boy's mother said Burnett was watching him while she slept. Sometime in the middle of the night she said Burnett woke her up and said he was taking the boy to Sacred Heart for being fussy and possible constipation. 

Burnett returned later that morning and the mother noticed the boy was having seizures and wouldn't eat. The couple took the boy back to the hospital and it was determined he had a brain injury. 

According to court documents, Burnett initially denied striking the boy, but then confessed. Burnett said he fell on the child and when he wouldn't stop crying, he hit him hard twice with the back of his hand. 

Burnett is expected in court Monday afternoon to face a charge of 1st Degree Assault of a Child. The Spokane County Jail inmate roster shows Burnett's bail set at $150,000. 

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