Spokane Boy Recipient of Random Act of Kindness


SPOKANE, Wash. -There's just something about this time of year that brings out the best in so many. One 12-year-old boy was the recent recipient of a random act of kindness. He's hopeful what happened to him will inspire others to help out strangers as well.

Kai Richerson told KHQ he would do just about anything to see his mom smile. As both her birthday and Christmas approaches, he's busy making money to make it special.

"I walk my dog, do the dishes," he said.

On Saturday, Kai took his hard earned money from those chores to Target to buy something for his mom.

"Well, she spends her hard earned money on stuff for our family," he said.

He quickly found the perfect gifts, not only for his mom, but his siblings and stepdad as well. His heart sunk when the cashier said he was short, but as he started to put stuff back, a stranger swooped in.

"She reached into her wallet, grabbed $20," he said.

Kai says she wouldn't even accept the change. Instead, she asked him to continue to be good to his family. It was a random act of kindness Kai hopes leads to more.

"It makes me feel the world is better," Kai said. "It kind of makes me want to help anybody that I can."

Kai wrapped the gifts on Sunday. He said he's never been more excited for Christmas. 

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