Inflatable Christmas decorations slashed in Liberty Lake


LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. -A homeowner is looking for answers after her Christmas decorations were vandalized in a quite Liberty Lake neighborhood.

The incident happened Monday night when Gina Lackey found her three inflatable decorations deflated.

“We looked out the window and noticed all our inflatables were deflated,” said Lackey. “So we knew right away something happened.”

Lackey found that the inflatables, The Grinch, a Stormtrooper, and Yoda, had all been cut at the neck.

“Why would they do that?” said Lackey. “They were on my property. That’s concerning. It’s trespassing.”

Lackey doesn’t know who slashed the decorations or why but says she wants whoever is responsible to hear this message.

“Hopefully whoever did it will stop doing stuff like this,” said Lackey. “I don’t think they realize, even if they’re just teenagers, some people get scared of this stuff and it instilled a little fear and I don’t think that’s good.”

We’ve done stories about how to protect your Christmas decorations in the past. Here is a link to a previous story.

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