Snowmobilers rescue stranded family on Moon Pass


SHOSHONE COUNTY, Idaho -Beautiful country and scenic views, that’s Moon Pass.

For Gavin Merritt and Cassin Pittman, it was just another weekend of snowmobiling in the backwoods.

But they stumbled across what appeared to be a fire on the side of the road.

“We came around the corner right there and we were all like whoa and they all get out of their car,” Cassin said.

Cassin and Gavin were just two out of eight in their group and when that group saw the car stuck in the snow, they sprang into action.

“We came and we tried to dig underneath their tires so we started digging under,” Cassin said.

“But first we tried to pack down the snow seeing if we could dig out,” Gavin said.

When digging wasn’t working, they stepped up their rescue efforts even more.

“We had to stop digging and just bring them back on the sleds,” Gavin said.

After getting back to their trucks, the pair says they drove the family of four back to their home in Post Falls.

Gavin and Cassin say the family had been stuck in their car for close to 24 hours.

The boys told me the family even offered to pay them for their travels, but they declined.

The Shoshone County Sheriffs Office says they have also had to make several rescues on Moon Pass in the last few weeks.

Deputies say Moon Pass is closed to cars from the Wallace and Avery side.

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