Electronics stolen from North Spokane home before Christmas


SPOKANE, Wash. -A North Spokane family is hoping to find the thieves who stole not just from their Christmas but from the people whose belongings they were repairing.

Kevin and Ronnie Ryno say they've never had a problem with theft until Monday. Their son came home from school and found that something wasn't right. They say police took fingerprints off of their bathroom window believing that whoever came, came in through the window. They went to Kevin's computer room where they say the padlock on the doors had been torn off and a lot of computer equipment had been stolen.

"I think the worst thing is that a friend of ours who saved up his money so that he could buy his son a brand new really nice gaming computer for Christmas, it was here at our house for my husband to set up and it was still in the box and it's gone," said Ronnie.

Thousands of dollars are now gone and they are trying to figure out how to replace what was taken.

Kevin says five laptops were stolen. Ronnie says that whoever did this also broke into their garage and took a green wagon out. If you somehow see a green wagon with electronics inside, report it to Spokane Police.

The Ryno's don't know if the person who stole their electronics is someone they know or a random stranger but they say if you know someone who all of a sudden has a brand new computer in a box or five laptops, it may be a red flag.

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