Suspicious man at multiple Spokane high school events

suspicious man at HS eventsThe Spokane Police Department and Spokane County Sheriff’s Office would like the public to be aware of a man acting suspiciously at high school sports events in the city and the county.

Both agencies have received information regarding a suspicious man who attended high school sporting events last Thursday (Nov 30th) and Friday (Dec 1st) evenings in North Spokane and Spokane County.  The male appears to interject himself into the event, blends in with the teams, places his hands on the shoulders of players, and interacts with the coaches and game officials.

At this time, neither agency has received complaints or reports of anyone being victimized/assaulted by this man but his behavior is unusual.

If you observe this man at sporting events, please call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233 or contact a school official.

(story: Nichole Mischke, KHQ Right Now Reporter; photos: Spokane County Sheriff’s Office)

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