Surveillance video shows man using blowtorch on Spokane ATM


SPOKANE, Wash. -Numerica Credit Union has released surveillance video of the 29-year-old suspected of using a blowtorch on a drive-thru ATM on E. Lyons Ave. last month.

Police say Kirk Fisher was arrested after taking the torch to the machine. He was charged with first degree malicious mischief and second degree arson. The blowtorch and some other items were left at the scene.

The Lyons ATM will be out of service while repairs are made. There's currently a sign up on the machine that reads, "Whoops! Someone mistook their blowtorch for their debit card. I'll be out of service for a while."

For all his work, the blowtorch bandit didn't take off with any cash. And the whole attempt was caught on camera.

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