CDA School District contemplates change in phone policy


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - B-Y-O-D or “bring your own device.”

That’s the current policy in place right now for Coeur d’Alene Schools and many others across the country.

But after social media threats at Lake City High School this fall the school board is considering revising that policy.

The current policy says students can bring electronic devices that include cellphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

The proposed plan would not allow electronics in a classroom unless for educational purposes.

Before Thanksgiving break, a survey was sent out to more than 2,000 students, teachers, and staff and asked for feedback regarding the policy.

A majority of teachers in the survey said they felt cellphones in the classroom were a distraction, but students said it’s a means of communication.

The district says if the policy were to change, it would be at the teacher’s discretion whether or not to have cellphones in the classroom.

“But also trying to eliminate the distraction as much as possible so that might be turning a phone off and putting it in a pocket or a backpack or something like that some of the specifics we'll still be figuring out but certainly we want to make the best possible learning environment for our students as possible,” Seth Deniston, the Director of Technology for Coeur d’Alene Schools said.

The proposed plan will be addressed at next month’s school board meeting.

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