Spokane mom forced to dip into Christmas fund after tire slashed


SPOKANE, Wash. -A mother of five is crushed after her tire was slashed just outside of her child's elementary school. She said the money to buy a new tire had to come from what she had been setting aside for Christmas presents.

"I was volunteering for a field trip," said Katrina Vansant. "We went downtown all day. I was buckling up my kids, getting them ready to go home from school."

That's when she said another parent outside Arlington Elementary told her her tire was completely flat.

"It was to the rim," she said. "We had to walk home. It was freezing."

She said a mechanic told her this was no typical flat.

"He showed me the mark from the knife," she said.

She had to dip into her Christmas savings, money seat aside to give her five kids a happy holiday, to cover the unexpected bill.

"It was $100 to replace the tire," she said. "That was money for them."

She said she feels horrible someone would target parents at a school.

"It made me feel like I can't trust anybody," she said.

Vansant said the school told her there is security video of someone slashing her tired. She said Spokane Police is reviewing it.

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