Spokane man attacked while trying to buy stereo equipment


SPOKANE, Wash. -Police are searching for an armed robbery suspect after a local couple said they were threatened with a knife as they tried to pay for stereo equipment.

"It's sad that people will steal from you like that," said victim Dakota Scharff.

Scharff said he found the stereo equipment on the app "Let Go." He said he thought he was doing everything right.

"(The seller) seemed legit," he said.

Scharff said the price was fair and he set up a time to meet the seller in a public place. He brought his wife along, who immediately knew something was not right.

"I feel horrible for her," he said. "I drug her along. She even said she had a bad feeling about it."

The couple said when they went to hand the seller cash, another man ran up holding a large knife, demanding their money, keys and phones. The couple ran back to their car.

"He tried stabbing me," he said "I yanked my car door shut and sped off as fast as I could. That's when he broke my window."

The suspect also broke the driver's side door handle, pulling on it so hard it snapped off. The couple fled the scene and waited for police at a nearby store. They want anyone trying to buy something from a similar site, to be aware.

"It seemed like they had it all planned out and everything," he said.

If you know anything about this incident, please call 509.456.2233. 

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