Door kicked in, presents stolen from Spokane home


SPOKANE, Wash. -When Kristi and Matthew London came back home from work they noticed something wasn't right "We noticed that our door had been kicked in and halfway destroyed," said Matthew London.

The apartment they moved into six months ago was completely torn apart, “I had Kristi wait outside and searched to make sure no one was here, and we came in, and a lot of stuff was destroyed we lost a lot of our personal belongings and all of the girls Christmas presents have been taken," Matthew added.

Jewelry, guitars, hard drives and anything these thieves could get their hands on, they took. Thousands of dollars in damage and hundreds more in missing presents.

“I have never walked in and seen a house look like that before. Yeah, it felt malicious," Matthew and Kristi said. 

The door was kicked in so hard that the frame was completely cracked. The apartment now is all cleaned up. But Kristi and Matthew are happy they weren't home when this happened,  “I can't even imagine what would have happened. I just thank God that we weren't here you know that the girls are okay," Kristi added.

If you are reading this article and would like to help the Londons please contact KHQ Peter Maxwell on Facebook.

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