Spokane woman finds gun after mysterious encounter


SPOKANE, Wash. -After police lost track of an armed suspect on Tuesday on the lower South Hill, a mysterious man showed up on a woman's doorstep the next day, claiming she had something that belonged to him. Spokane police told residents to lock their doors after a police chase near Thor and Hartson. 

A car full of people crashed into a pole, and everyone scattered. All the suspects were caught except for one man, believed to be armed and he's still out there.

One Spokane woman says she had a creepy encounter with a strange man who claimed to be friends with one of the people who was arrested and she caught it all on her surveillance camera from her home.

Teresa Juneau-Simon has lived by Thor street for 20 years. She says the street is always busy and she gets people knocking on her door often but Wednesday morning was strange. "There was a guy trying to go into my backyard. He said he was associated to this car accident down here with the hit and run police chase," she said.

Her surveillance camera shows a man who walks up to her doorbell at 7:30 a.m. and says, "Sorry I don't know you guys or anything but my friend went to jail around here yesterday." He tries to get what was apparently left behind at Juneau-Simon's house. "There's this pendant that he threw and it went over into your guy's fence and it belongs to my daughter and stuff. Is it OK if I go grab that please in your backyard?" he says.

She told him no and says she's not sure why people were throwing things over her fence because she has signs around her property showing that she's watching. "I know where it's at. Is that OK? I am not going to touch any of your stuff," he says in the video.

In later surveillance video, he came back with a different outfit on. Juneau-Simon says she searched her backyard but what she found wasn't the pendant. "I found a gun," she said.

She says she called Crime Check immediately and police took the gun for evidence.

Spokane police say they are investigating what happened.     

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