How social media helped a property crime victim


SPOKANE, Wash. -Anyone who has been a victim of property crime is familiar with the feeling of violation. But one victim wasn't going to take it and posted about it on social media. An alert community then helped her out Monday morning on the 600 block of E. Sanson.

“We're executing a search warrant on a residence for property crimes that we're investigating,” says Officer Josh Laiva with the Spokane Police Department.

Neighbors say that house has been a problem in the neighborhood and the block watch has called police before.

This particular property crime victim posted photos from her surveillance camera onto Facebook over the weekend, asking for help, after she says the person in that photo stole her camera, all four tires, and other items from her car while she was away. In those photos she posted was a truck that an alert neighbor saw in an alley along Sanson Monday morning. He called it in.

Police arrived and were able to execute a search warrant. They say for a property crime, make sure you report the instances and give as much details including pictures, surveillance video, and serial numbers you can.

Police tell me that they were able to recover some stolen property inside the house and they also arrested three people who were in there that had outstanding warrants. As for who did this particular crime, police say that is under investigation. 

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