Spokane man told to take down U.S. & Air Force Flags

Spokane man told to take down U.S. & Air Force Flags(CLICK HERE for video)

Many of us have them, others see them waving from businesses, flagpoles, or homes. We’re talking about the American Flag.

On Monday, a Spokane man was told to take his down, along with a United States Air Force flag.

The flags were hanging above Nicholas Magee’s balcony at the Deer Run Apartments in North Spokane.

“It’s unbelievable that they would serve me that and tell me to tear down my uncles flag,” said Magee. “I would love to fly my uncle’s flag otherwise it doesn’t feel the same. It doesn’t feel right. It upsets me more than anything that I have to take it down.”

Magee was given a 10-day notice to take the flag down or face eviction.

According to the apartment complex, “The porch/railing must be kept clear of all items at all times.”

The letter goes on to read, “I have noticed you have three flags and cardboard blocking the rails on your patio. Please get those removed as soon as possible.”

Magee took the flags down but wasn’t very happy about it.

He hangs the Air Force flag in honor of his uncle who was a veteran and like a father to him before he died nearly 20 years ago.

“He taught me a lot of self-respect,” said Magee. “Every Thanksgiving I want to fly his flag because I don’t get that anymore.”

The apartment complex manager says Magee can display the flags, but that they cannot be attached to any part of the balcony or patio. The flag can be displayed in a stand as long as it is not bolted down.

The apartment manager also says several tenants have been given notices to take things down, including flowerpots, Christmas lights, and flags. 

(story: Joe McHale, KHQ Local News Reporter, photo: KHQ.com)

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