North Spokane family searching for hairless cat, Hellboy


SPOKANE, Wash. -Each day and each second that passes makes a north Spokane family even more worried especially with how cold it’s been outside.

They’re looking for Hellboy, their 6-year-old hairless cat.

“He looks kind of mean and evil with his green eyes but he's really sweet and comes up to people,” says Nick Bitonti.

He and his fiancée Nicold are worried sick.

“It's just so hard to talk about. He's more than just a cat. He's like a family member to us,” Nicole says.

Hellboy got out when Nick was changing a flat tire.

“I started scouring the neighborhood looking for him,” Nick says.

But no luck yet – they still haven’t found him and it’s been six days. What’s scary is how cold it’s been outside. A hairless cat loses more body heat than regular cats.

“Every day we're hopeful. We're just waiting to hear something now at this point,” they say.

But Nick says the neighbors are helping out with the search now too.

“We’re really appreciative of the outpouring of support from the community,” they say. “We just want him home. We just miss him so much.”

He went missing around Division and Euclid. If you have information about where the cat may be, forward it along to Nick at 

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