Coeur d'Alene woman with brain cyst creates bucket list

Coeur d'Alene woman with brain cyst creates bucket list

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Nothing can wipe away the smile off Kayley Marks’s face. Her fiancé, Thomas Williams, and her three-year-old daughter, Kaliyah, keep her busy, but also keep her smiling, even through the worst of times.

“The x-rays came back with a little something different than I expected,” Marks said. A few months ago, a routine check for migraines turned into doctors finding an epidermoid cyst in her brain. “It's definitely life-changing, I'm taking it day-by-day,” she said.

Marks is only 23 years old, a full life is ahead of her, but she says her doctors told her that could change. “The best way he put it, he didn't want me to think that I'm going in and coming out of it normal,” Marks said, “he wants me to come in with the mindset knowing that something that's going to happen."

Kayley has documented every step of the way with videos her doctor visits. But it was her doctor who recommended she have a bucket list of ideas she wants to do before surgery. “I want to take her to Oregon to see my family, she's never met any of them, that's one thing and then just the little things like take her to the movies or go get her hair cut,” she said, “just the little things I haven't done with her yet."

For the surgery, Marks says she’s waiting for an exact date, but they are aiming for January 2018. “This is just one more battle for me that I know can face,” Marks said.

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