SUV driver crashes into De Leon Foods and then takes off


SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police are looking for the person who crashed into De Leon Foods on Francis in north Spokane. Here's what the store says happened on their Facebook page: 

"Mayra and I always wanted a drive thru, but not done like this. Driver took off and need your help finding him. He is driving a Black Yukon GT with front damage. The word Yukon are either white or silver letters and GT are red letters. Spokane PD report # is 2017-20230026. We appreciate your help. Accident happened today Monday at 4:32pm. Picture of similar Yukon will follow. Happy Holidays!!"

 "They weren't in here waiting for anybody. They just pulled up you know, four feet behind the curb and then for some reason, slammed the gas thinking it was on reverse or something," said Sergio De Leon from De Leon Foods. 

If you know anything please call Crime Check at 509-456-2233

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