Spokane councilwoman speaks out against sexual harassment


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane city councilwoman is sharing her story too as more allegations against different men continue to come out.

Kate Burke was elected to city council for her first term. She shared her story about sexual harassment too. Since Burke shared her story, she says she’s received messages from other women, reaching out.

“I want women to know that I'm an ally I'm here to chat. I'm here to listen,” she says. “There are allies in the community who are going to stand with you and get you through this.”

She says city council is working on a policy surrounding sexual harassment to get staffers trained up and learn how to report it. But she says change doesn’t just depend on policy. She says the attitude of leaders, men and women matter too. She hopes that everyone takes a stand.

“Those people need to come forward and say hey I'm going to stand with you I'm here to stand with you and be with you and move forward in a progressive way that's not allowing sexual harassment to be something that's okay in the community,” she says.

Burke adds that she hopes to create a group that will meet on a regular basis to be a safe place for victims to speak or just listen.

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