Recovering addict finds passion, helps others


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -Sherry Hegstad loves to cut hair. She’s had her cosmetology license since 2014 and it makes her feel alive, gives her a sense of passion, a passion that she says wouldn’t be possible today. 

“I was addicted to meth for 22 years,” Hegstad said. 

Hegstad was headed for rock bottom, “I was at Walmart on the day before Black Friday shoplifting and I had meth on me." And in 2015, her life would change. 

“I got busted for shoplifting and then when the officers showed up they found the meth on me,” Hegstad said.

Last year, Hegstad entered the Kootenai County Mental Health program. The program helps those recovering from addiction or serious mental disorders. Through trials and tribulations, she would find meaning and passion. 

"This is something I really enjoy doing,” Hegstad said. Hegstad is now in phase four of the mental health program which portion calls for patients to find a way to give back. 

“Our way to contribute back to the community we've so wronged throughout our whole life,” she said. What better way to put her cosmetology license to good use? 

There’s no better feeling than a fresh haircut, especially when it’s free and also giving someone the strong sense of well-being. 

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