Motor home stolen from Airway Heights family

Airway Heights moror home stolenA family in Airway Heights never thought a theft like this would happen.

“My husband and I were born and raised in Airway Heights. We feel violated,” say Tami Broderius, the homeowner. “You just never would think. It wasn't a little small camper. It was a pretty big motor home.”

She says on Friday night the motor home was still there when she got home from work at 5 p.m. She went out to dinner with her family and when they came back they didn’t notice anything was off. But when they went outside on Saturday around 9:30 a.m. the motor home was gone.

There wasn’t any glass on the ground and Tami says the doors to it were locked. But she says what was taken wasn’t just a motor home or the camping equipment inside.

“A lot of memories,” she says.

They’ve taken the motor home camping all over in the summers and now she has a message for whoever took it.

“We would like to have it back,” she says. “It means a lot to us. Everything we've worked for is in that motor home.”

The license plate number on the motor home is AUG0378. If you see it or know anything about this case, call police. 

(story: Katie Chen,; photo: Tami Broderius)

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