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Sources have identified the suspect in the kidnapping of a 6-month-old baby as Fern Littlecalf. It's believed that Littlecalf may have been targeting the young victim for several weeks prior to the kidnapping.

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A 6-month-old child is in protective custody and a suspect has been detained as Spokane Police investigate a kidnapping early Friday morning. 

Details are still limited at this time, but here's what Spokane Police have released about the case:

Police said in a press released they made contact with a man outside of the Public Safety Building early Friday morning just before 2:30 a.m. The man had two children who were not related to him, but had been left in his custody. The man said he was waiting for the children's mother. 

The two children, between the ages of one and two years old, were taken into protective custody with Child Protective Services. Officers soon learned that a six-month-old child was still missing. 

The man said a woman he met on Facebook had taken the baby with her and he hadn't been able to contact her again. 

Officers say the woman created a fake identity on Facebook to "set a ruse for the man and mother of the baby to lure them from the Tri-Cities area to Spokane." 

Once in Spokane, police say the female suspect was able to separate the mother from the children and take them to an area near the Richard Allen Court Apartments. 

The man assisting with transporting the children said he believed he was taking the children to be with family. 

At some point, the suspect took off with the 6-month-old and left the man with the two other kids. 

The man was able to provide officers with contact information for the woman. 

The mother of the children was later found and also provided her version of what happened and possible contact information for the woman. 

SPD officers and detectives worked quickly and eventually found the suspect with the baby. 

The baby was evaluated by medical personnel and taken into protective custody. 

SPD says the suspect is in custody and charges are expected later Friday. Once she is processed into jail, her name will be released, according to SPD. 

"Spokane Police would also like to remind the public to be cautious of people you meet online through Social Media or Online Dating platforms," Officer Joshua Laiva said. "Criminals will often use the internet to disguise themselves when carrying out their criminal intentions, and many times one person can use multiple online identities to accomplish this goal.  Remember to be cautious about what you share on the internet, and who you share it with." 

(story: KHQ.com; image: SPD Twitter)

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