City says they support local nonprofit Blessings Under the Bridge


SPOKANE, Wash. -Every Wednesday night for the last 10 years, Blessings Under the Bridge has fed and clothed the homeless under the freeway here in downtown Spokane    

Executive Director Jessica Kovac tells KHQ that since they were forced to move locations by the city earlier this year, they've seen a significant drop in their funding and volunteers. 

 She says the problems they're having come from their issues with the city. 

The city, however, says they spent months working with the non profit on their transition trying to find an effective way to serve the homeless population.    

 Jonathan Mallahan, the city's Director of Neighborhood and Business Services says they offered 100 thousand dollars in support in a deal, but the non profit turned it down.   

 He says the two sides both want to help the homess people in the community; they just disagree on the approach.     

The city says they are willing to continue working towards a solution.    

KHQ also spoke with Blessings Under the Bridge tonight. Executive Director Jessica Kovac says she wishes the politics could be taken out of this so they could focus on helping those in need.    

That's something both sides agree on.

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