City of Spokane doubles equipment to help fill potholes


SPOKANE, Wash. -No matter where I go, there's always potholes: that's what some people in Spokane are saying, already frustrated by city streets. However, the city says this year, they are taking a different approach that could be a better solution.

The roads are rougher in certain areas but the city has double the equipment now to try and fill the potholes. They have two trucks with two added pothole trailers. "We have doubled our ability to have warmed up cold mix out in the field in the wintertime," said Marlene Feist, Public Works Director of Strategic Development with the City of Spokane.

The city says they were not covering enough areas with just two trucks this past year but with these two trailers, they have more capability.

It won't necessarily mean the process of filling potholes will be faster, but they won't have to fill the same pothole as many times. "Because that cold mix with just a tamping iron was popping out so we weren't getting the kind of repair that we wanted. So what we have, is really doubled the ability to give us good pothole repairs," said Feist.

So what streets will they repair first this upcoming winter? The city says they prioritize by hitting the largest potholes on the busiest streets first and work their way through.

They've already started using these trailers.

The city filled close to 5,000 potholes in 2017. The city says they have been filling potholes every day, it's a year round project.

If you see one, they want you to report it by calling 311. 

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