Neighbor concerned about homeless camp


A Spokane father says he’s worried about a homeless camp that continues to pop up in his neighborhood on the north side.

He says that the city has dealt with the issue each time, but this time, this father who doesn’t want to be identified says there is garbage, and the camp is stretched across the sidewalk. He also adds that he’s been finding needles around the area, which is a concern for him since there are kids nearby.

So he called 311 to reach the city of Spokane.

The city has responded to the concern. They say they are working to get the person who is living at that camp the help that he needs and are currently in the process of getting him into housing.

If you have a concern about a transient camp for the city, call 311. The city says calling 311 can also help connect those who are staying at that camp with services. If you would like more information about resources the city has:

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