Moses Lake officer saves suicidal man


MOSES LAKE, Wash. -The Moses Lake Police Department shared body camera video of an officer acting quickly to save a suicidal man. Now we're hearing from the officer behind the camera. 

On Monday afternoon, the Moses Lake Police Department received multiple calls of a man sitting on a highway overpass. Moments later an officer had to make a life-or-death call. It was a moment in time that stood still for Officer Adam Munro.

"We're all put in places at different times. I just happened to be right down the road when the call came out," Munro said.

In a split second the seven-year veteran of the department could only react as a man threatened to end his own life.

 "It was a small window of opportunity that I had to run up and potentially pull him off the ledge," Munro said, "I ran up and grabbed on to him and brought him to the ground. My number one priority was just to make sure that he was safe."

Afterward the distraught man spoke briefly with Officer Munro, "He did thank me and said he wanted to see his family."

Describing it as part of the job, Officer Muro said he was just glad that he was in the right place at the right time.

Last year 91 people committed suicide in Spokane County and the most happened in October and November. 

 If you or someone you know is struggling with suicide, there are resources available. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached at 1-800-273-8255.

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