Police: "Paranoid" son murdered father in Spokane home


SPOKANE, Wash. -A man is in jail on a $1 million bond accused of killing his own father. Matthew Bossard was arrested last week after a man was found covered in blood in his North Spokane home.

Court documents paint a disturbing picture: A man found dead in his own bathtub, his son believed to be the person responsible. The victim, identified as Robert Bossard, was surrounded by evidence of a struggle, and a chilling clean up attempt.

Matthew Bossard looked down for nearly his entire his first court appearance on Monday.

Records show he has a history of drugs, and detectives describe him as "paranoid." Detectives wrote in court documents, "Matthew believed, or was trying to get us to believe, Robert was out to kill him or his mother."  Documents show Matthew accused his father of neglecting his mother, who was also believed to be in the home during the murder.

Records show Matthew also, "inferred the possibility that his father was behind his girlfriend's miscarriage." 

Matthew told the detectives he heard a bang in the bathroom and when he went to check on his father, he found blood running everywhere. Detectives say instead of calling 911, he put his father's body into the tub and then "got a bag of decorative sand and poured it all over the blood hoping to absorb it."

Records show Matthew never admitted to any wrongdoing and even eluded to the death being a possible suicide. But detectives say there was clear evidence of a struggle around the victim. 

Mathew Bossard remains in the Spokane County Jail on a charge of first degree murder.

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