Coeur d'Alene pastor reacts to shooter's sentence


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -Kyle Odom shot Tim Remington six times on the steps of Pastor Remington's own church in 2016. But on Monday the Pastor Remington forgave Odom for all of his actions. On Monday Odom was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but is only guaranteed to serve 10 of it. After 10 years, Odom will become eligible for parole.

Pastor Remington says that a year and half after the shooting, all of the emotions are still there. But, he says, he's not the victim. "It looks like I'm the victim," Pastor Remington said during Odom's sentencing. "It did really mess with me and my family, but I'm not really the victim. I'm going to be the victor in all this. I will get up and I will continue no matter what."

After Remington took the stand, Kyle Odom spoke to the courtroom. He apologized to Pastor Remington, blaming hallucinations that caused him to believe that the Pastor was an alien living in disguise.

Pastor Remington said he thought the sentence was fair, adding that 10 years fixed "gives him the time to get the help he needs. And it gives me time to work with him. And hopefully they'll work with him too."

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