Coeur d'Alene middle schoolers honor veterans

The Gratitude Wall: Woodland Middle School in Coeur d’AleneFrom our national anthem to taps, all servicemen and women in attendance would be honored at a Veterans Day assembly.

But it doesn’t stop there, those behind the badge who give their life to protect our communities received the same gratitude from students of Woodland Middle School in Coeur d’Alene.

“We would like to leave the message with our students that they need to respect, honor, and provide service,” Annie Beardslee said.

That message is something Beardslee and her class several years ago started.

In a letter sent to soldiers in Iraq, Beardslee didn’t think they would get a response, but one day they did.

Now she’s passing on the same message of gratitude.

“Perhaps after they go past the wall that says 'Honor, Service and Gratitude' maybe they'll decide that that's something they would like to be doing,” Beardslee said. Flags, badges, and memorabilia are now on display and one day will be mounted in the form of a memorial, “The Gratitude Wall,” which will end up in Woodland Middle School, giving thanks a thousand times over to servicemen and women and first-responders. 

(story and photo: Adam Mayer, KHQ Local News Reporter)

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