Coeur d'Alene Casino CEO arrested for battery

Francis Andrew SiJohnThe CEO of Coeur d'Alene Casino Resort Hotel in Worley, Idaho was arrested and booked into jail Tuesday charged with battery, according to the Idaho Jail Repository. 

Francis Andrew SiJohn was booked into jail for misdemeanor battery according to the report. SiJohn was named CEO of Coeur d'Alene Casino Resort Hotel last year.

According to court documents, in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Post Falls police were dispatched to a report of a battery that had just happened in Post Falls. The caller told police a group of men had just ran from her house after beating up her husband. The woman told officers the men took off in a burgundy Cadillac with Washington license plates. The woman was able to name two of the men involved, including SiJohn.

Officers were able to conduct a traffic stop on the car. There were two men in the car and SiJohn was in the backseat according to the documents. Officers reported SiJohn had what appeared to be fresh blood on his hands and pants as well as his face. The left side of his face was swollen and he was not able to open his left eye.

SiJohn reportedly told police he was in a "tangle," according to documents.  Both men in the car were detained by police. SiJohn declined medical attention according to court documents.

The officers were able to get a hold of the victim by phone, who reported that he and SiJohn had got in an argument while drinking in Spokane. The victim left after the argument and SiJohn told the victim he would be "bringing some guys to his house," the documents said. The victim told police about 5 minutes later a car pulled up and he was hit by two men. The victim told police he remembered SiJohn getting out of the car, but didn't recall much else because it happened so fast. He told police he would be pressing charges for what happened. 

Police again spoke to the victim's wife, who told them about the two men in the car and a third man "kicking on" the victim. She was able to identify SiJohn and the other man in the car, but not the third male. 

Based on what the victim and his wife told police, SiJohn was taken into custody for battery according to the documents. The victim was taken to the emergency room for the severity of his injuries, which included fresh cuts on his face and ears.

SiJohn was taken to Kootenai Health after complaining about pain in his eye. According to documents, SiJohn told nurses at the hospital he got hurt in a fall. 

After he left the hospital SiJohn was booked into jail.

(story: Matt Pusatory, KHQ Local News Web Producer; photo: Post Falls Police Department)

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