Spokane couple searching for lost engagement ring


SPOKANE, Wash. -A Spokane couple is desperately searching for a newly prized possession. The young woman thinks her engagement ring fell out of her fiancé's wallet. He put it in there because she had to take it off for a soccer game and now they're worried someone may have scooped it up.

Alec Robillard says he's been dating Emily Gray for over seven years. They met in chemistry class at WSU in Pullman. He popped the question in August and gave Gray a ring.

The other day on October 28th, they played their last soccer game of the season. Gray wasn't allowed to wear jewelry while playing so she gave it to Robillard for safe keeping and he put it in his wallet.

They went to the Safeway on Hamilton and Mission right afterwards and forgot about the ring. The next day, he noticed the ring wasn't in his wallet, so they both think it fell out of his wallet in the checkout line.

They've checked everywhere, streets, sidewalks, and pawn shops. "I was just kind of bummed because it means a lot. It's sentimental. I heard a rumor that someone found their ring by posting on Reddit and Facebook and someone turned it in, so figured might as well give it a shot," said Gray.

They are still in college and money is tight for them. Robillard says they are still getting out of the poor student college phase.

So if you have seen it or you have it, they'd really like it back.    

The couple says if they can't find it, they'll buy something fun and upgrade later. They're just excited to get married next year.

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