Spokane County to make changes after icy conditions


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -It was slow going along Bigelow Gulch near Argonne Monday morning as icy conditions led to cars sliding on the road and Spokane County Sheriff’s Office closed off a portion of the road because of those conditions.

Bob Keneally, Spokane County maintenance and operations superintendent, says crews were out on that portion on Friday plowing, and on Saturday and Sunday deicing and sanding. The deicer works for up to three days, so at this point crews are still working to figure out what exactly happened overnight.

But Keneally says they are making changes to prevent this. They're starting their winter shifts, which normally start at the end of November, Monday night for this particular area.

“To prevent this occurring again, we're going to shift our employees to make sure we have coverage early and later at night,” he says.

The county also wants to remind people to slow down and keep a safe following distance in the winter. 

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