City walks back on shoveling fines


SPOKANE, Wash. -In a proposed amendment on Monday Spokane City Council wanted to fine homeowners $85.00 if they didn't do their part and keep a clear pathway in front of their home "Council really after that briefing took it off the agenda," said city council president Ben Stuckart.

The change would give the city authorization to have snow removed when citizens fail to keep sidewalks and walkways clear.

The city says the plan calls for hiring extra workers and equipment to clear the snow. City council President Ben Stuckart thinks that there should be more extensive discussions of a city code like this if one should be passed "I think there's a lot more community discussion that has to be happening before somebody gets a fine."

While Stuckart believes people should help remove the snow from sidewalks, he knows the city council has bigger things to worry about rather than fining homeowners for snow removal “We've got too many other things to worry about. "While I agree that everyone should shovel their sidewalks, I don't think the fine is the right way to go."

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