Thieves caught trying to sell stolen gold at scrap yard


SPOKANE, Wash. -A woman accused of burglary is in the Spokane County Jail and police are looking for a potential accomplice.    

Officers say a man and woman tried to sell stolen gold to a local scrap yard.

They got a hold of police as soon as they figured out what was going on.

They also made sure they weren't able to drive off before they got there.

Wednesday afternoon a woman walked into Action Recycling in east Spokane trying to sell some damaged gold coins.

General Manager Glen Ahlborn knew something was up when they realized the woman was using a fake ID.     

A member of a watch dog group online, glen realized that the hammered coins may have been from a recent burglary in Spokane Valley.    

So Glen along with other employees began stalling as they called police.  

Within 10 minutes an officer showed up and the woman and the man she came with took off running through the scrap yard.   

The man was able to get away, but thanks to some help from employees the woman was caught and arrested.   

 Glen says in situations like this they do everything they can to help police get the upper hand on thieves.    

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