Spokane police board up nuisance home near Shadle Park


SPOKANE, Wash. -A group of neighbors in Shadle Park say they’ve reclaimed their neighborhood after a nuisance home gets boarded up.

Annelise says her mother used to live right next to that house on West Gordon.

“This is a nice neighborhood,” she says. “We’ve had nothing but trouble next door.”

She says there was constant traffic, fights breaking out in the yard, and people even going to the bathroom outside. She says at a certain point, her mother put metal plates behind the windows to prevent break-ins.

A group of neighbors said enough is enough. They worked with Spokane police and police say between March 2015 and October 2017, there were 56 calls for service at that address with calls ranging from drug activity, littering, and noise complaints.

The court order was served Thursday morning and the people inside were kicked out. Annelise wants anyone else who’s dealing with something similar to know that they can do this too.

“The neighbors are taking it back. They're done and to everybody else out there dealing with these kinds of neighbors. Don't give up. Get together. Get the paperwork. Get it done because it can happen as you see,” she says.

You can work with your neighborhood C.O.P.S. shop if you’re having a similar issue. Neighbors say make sure to keep a log of suspicious activity as well. 

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