Spokane mother warns of strange Halloween treat

suspicious Halloween treatHave you checked your child’s Halloween candy haul? Some parents say it might be a good idea because of a strange item their trick-or-treaters got.

Michala Buchheit took her boys trick-or-treating in the Corbin Park neighborhood as she always does. It’s their Halloween tradition, her kids get a lot of candy, and the neighborhood gets into the Halloween spirit. But she says something strange happened this year. There was a man with what looked to be a plastic grocery bag just walking up and down the sidewalks.

“At the end of the sidewalks he was waiting for little kids,” she says. “He would slip candy in as quick as possible…He'd walk away and go to the next busy area. There was another lady walking around telling parents to look out.”

She immediately took that strange looking candy out of her kids’ bags. She still has no idea what it is. It was wrapped in wax paper and kind of looked like a tootsie roll with something inside. Michala says it could be a homemade piece of candy, but she wasn’t going to take any chances and give her kids something that wasn’t factory sealed.

“Just always check your candy though because you never know what you can get,” she says.

(story: Katie Chen, KHQ.com; photo: Michala Buchheit)

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