North Idaho trooper prays for woman after pulling her over


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -Getting pulled over can be one of the more stressful things to go through. And it can certainly ruin your day, especially if you get a ticket.

But for one Coeur d'Alene woman, it was a blessing in disguise last month.

“I broke down at the moment,” said 35-year-old Becca Prince. “I needed some grace because I wasn’t in a car that was mine.”

Prince wasn’t speeding, running stop signs, or red lights. She was driving her ex-husband's car and didn’t realize the tags were expired.

“He said your tags are expired, did you know that?”

At that moment, Prince broke down and explained to Idaho State Police Trooper Chuck Robnett that she was going through a lot.

Her business just fallen apart, she didn’t have her own car or a steady place to live, and she was selling her stuff just to pay the bills.

“You feel like your feet might get kicked out from under you again,” said Prince. “So I just shared that with him and he listened the whole time. He listened to everything I had to say with grace and a love-like listening ear.”

After listening to Prince, Trooper Robnett told her he wasn’t going to write her a ticket and that she was destined for big things.

Then he bowed his head and prayed for her.

“He prayed for forgiveness, and grace, and success,” said Prince.

So far, it seems those prayers seem to be working. Prince already has a new car. She says she hasn’t spoken to Trooper Robnett since he prayed for her, but knows thinks he was supposed to pull her over that day. 

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