Family worried about solicitors


SPOKANE, Wash. -Over the last several years Kelsie Nasworthy and her mom Kathy Law have noticed more door-to-door salespeople coming to their neighborhood. But when Kelise was by herself on Thursday one person knocking on their door raised red flags “We're getting our house re-done, and it was right after our contractors left he was just wearing a t-shirt and jeans and ratty old shoes."

This man claimed that he was with a company that worked with interior and exterior design. The only thing  he had was one sheet of paper and when asked what company he worked with he didn't give Kelsie the name "I told him there's a no soliciting sign on the door we're not interested after I asked him what company he's working for he wouldn't tell me that."

According to the city of Spokane's website a person who travels door to door to conduct business within city limits to sell goods or offer services needs a permit from the city. If they don't have a permit then they conduct business within city limits. Spokane valley and Spokane county have similar laws in place. If your caught without a permit you can face a fine.

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