Neighbors urge safety improvements to valley intersection


SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -A motorcyclist was hit and killed at the intersection of Pines and Grace. The driver of the SUV that hit the motorcycle was arrested on suspicion of vehicular homicide.

But the thing is, unfortunately, accidents are all too common in this neighborhood.

Bernard Patten says accidents happen there frequently.

“I call it ‘Grace speedway.’ People don't get it. People speed on the street constantly. I try to get them to slow down. I yell at them constantly and they don't get it at all,” he says.

There’s also a school zone nearby and he says people don’t slow down there either.

The Spokane Valley City Council is considering a plan to make it safer. There’s a report that shows the intersection of Pines and Grace has seen at least 41 wrecks between 2012 and 2016. IT says the most common type of crash involves left turning vehicles along Pines waiting to turn and then getting rear-ended at speeds over 35 mph. The report adds the project plans to widen Pines to a five-lane section, adding a center turn lane.

Based on feedback, staff is now looking at other design options. As soon as they are complete, they’ll hold another community meeting. 

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