Caught on camera: vandals smash porch pumpkins


Surveillance video given to KHQ shows kids creeping up to a women’s door, steal her pumpkins and go smash them in the street.

“We don't have faces but at least we kind of know what age range they are and that they were on bikes and wearing back packs,” Amanda Jenkins said.

Jenkins’s neighbor on 10th Place in Coeur d’Alene was the one who had her pumpkins smashed.

Jenkins says it may be just pumpkins, but her neighbors didn’t even get the chance to carve them yet.

“Our kids carve them so it's kind of important to our kids,” she said.

Jenkins says this isn’t the first time that this has happened, in fact, this has been going on since last Halloween.”Every morning you'd see somebody would get hit on the block and it's all the down to probably 14th or 15th street,” Jenkins said, “this whole neighborhood they are cruising up and down getting a few people a night."

This year, Jenkins and her neighbors invested in home surveillance cameras.

“We've got a camera, they've got a camera, she's got a camera, I think they've got a camera down there,” Jenkins said pointing to which neighbors have surveillance, “everybody is prepared for it."

Jenkins added she hopes the kids who did this see this story and think twice about vandalizing people’s pumpkins.

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